October Wrap Up + November TBR

Hi friends!

So October wasn’t great and with the election November probably won’t be much better, but I’m happy that I posted fairly consistently, read a little bit more than I did in September, and got approved for my first arc on Netgalley!!

I don’t have much energy to say more than that so let’s get right into what I did with my October!

  • When We Were Magic by Sarah Gailey // I should’ve known from Magic for Liars that this story would be a wild ride from beginning to end, but I severely underestimated all the ways the story would go and I don’t think anything I can say will do this story justice.
  • Yes No Maybe So by Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed // I have been wanting to read this book for a while and actually received a hardcover copy for my birthday back in April and I’m so glad I decided to bring it back to Indiana with me in May (considering I thought I would only be home for a few months max and I’m still here it’s amazing I brought as much as I did)
  • Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales // I’ll be honest, I almost DNF’d this book because I didn’t love the main character when he was first introduced and I wasn’t anticipating the family member with cancer sub-plot which hit a little too close to home for my liking. BUT I stuck with it and it ended up being a mostly fun read. I say mostly because of the aforementioned cancer and also the whole love interest being in the closet thing.
  • Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert // My friend has been recommending this book to me for months (it’s been on my TBR since last year, but no one I know personally had read it so it kept getting pushed to the bottom) and I’m so glad my library finally got a copy so I had no more excuses. This book and the characters and the romance and THE REPRESENTATION brought me so much needed joy. πŸ’–
  • Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida CΓ³rdova // This book sunk its claws into me from the very beginning and I was hooked the entire way through. I loved the writing and the flawed, morally-grey-but-doing-their-best characters and the world-building and the love triangle where I couldn’t decide who to ship (which is the sign of a good love triangle in my opinion).
  • Crazy for Loving You by Pippa Grant // Obviously this was a reread that I mentioned starting last month and I decided to finish it this month because it was an easy time-filler when I didn’t want to get fully sucked into a story since I already knew how this one goes. There are still some parts I don’t like about the story, but overall I love the characters and the way they balance each other out and bring out the best of each other!
  • Currently Reading: The Poet X (audio), 99 Percent Mine, Shine, and Bruja Born

Here are some books that I released over the last month that I added to my TBR! You can also check out my February releases post here!

There were quite a few October releases on my TBR (and even more got added throughout the month) but here are my Top 5 October Releases! Links lead to Goodreads.

  • Blazewrath Games by Amparo Ortiz // I LOVED dragon tales (both the show and books about dragons, sorry I couldn’t resist πŸ˜‚) growing up but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a book about dragons that really had me excited, but a deadly dragon tournament? An MC from Puerto Rico just looking to compete? An international conspiracy/threat?? Sign me all the way up.
  • Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade // It’s not a secret that I love romance books and when I heard about this one I immediately added it to my tbr because fanfiction + celebrity crushes + cosplay + plus-size rep + secret identities??? I’m swooning already.
  • In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren // I’m a sucker for holiday romances (thank you Hallmark) and I tend to love Christina Lauren’s books so this book was a no brainer add especially since it’s groundhog day meets the holidays meets love triangle.
  • This Is All Your Fault by Aminah Mae Safi // A whirlwind story following multiple characters trying to save the indie bookstore they all work at while also managing their own lives/problems?? Me = hooked immediately.
  • Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe // Okay first of all the cover is just so eye-catching and second of all blackmail?? Schemes?? Popularity and dogwalking and debating?? Sounds like all my favorite rom-coms and tropes and I am so excited to read!

Most of the time I am a huge mood reader so usually there would be absolutely no guarantees that I would stick to my TBR but this time I probably will because I need to read Wayward Witch to finish out the Brooklyn Brujas series. Legendborn and Shine are both from my library so they automatically get priority. Blood & Honey I just bought (and need to read asap so I don’t get spoiled) and my preorder of These Violent delights will be coming in and I plan on dropping everything to read it immediately. Also How to Fail at Flirting is the first ARC I’ve been approved for through NetGalley and I almost cried and I can’t wait to read it!!

P.S. Everyone preorder These Violent Delights out Nov. 17!!! And How to Fail at Flirting out Dec. 1!!

Here’s just a little glimpse at some of the things I watched last month!

  • New Girl: I finally finished New Girl and cried like a baby once more. I think I cry a little more each time I rewatch because I just love these characters and their relationships so much. πŸ₯Ί
  • Queer Eye: I hadn’t finished the new season when it came out a few months ago but I really needed some wholesome content this week and this was the perfect moodlifter.
  • All of the Fast and the Furious Movies: I have no idea why but at some point in my life these movies got added to the list of movies my mom and I watch every year (and this makes twice for me this year because I watched them back when quarantine first started and now again that I’m home πŸ’€)
  • Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Twitches, Girl v. Monster: It’s not spooky season if I don’t watch the disney classics with my mom. Also I can’t resist watching Girl vs. Monster every year because I love watching Luke Benward sing (also the music is catchy and it’s pretty funny).
  • Descendants series: I really can’t explain why I love these moves so much, but they really bring me a lot of joy and have become quite the comfort watch for me. Although I will say the whole 16-year-old king thing gets me every time πŸ˜‚
  • The Next Step: If anyone has heard of/watched this show please tell me in the comments because I have no one to talk to about it! I actually started this show in like 2015 but ended up getting behind so I decided to watch all the way from the beginning. Basically it’s a dance show filmed like a documentary with lots of drama, love triangles, and dance numbers. Is it a little cringey? Yes. Is that part of the appeal? Honestly, yes.
  • Also am I rewatching Julie and the Phantoms? Yes, yes I am. Did I also rewatch all of John Mulaney’s Netflix specials? Yes, yes I did. This month as been exhausting and I needed joy.
  • Shealea @ Shut Up, Shealea put together a list of 23 Books by Filipino Diaspora Authors and as always the recs are great and this list is a great place to start if you’re looking for books by Filipino diaspora authors, I know I found quite a few to add to my endless TBR!!
  • Kal @ Reader Voracious wrote a great post All About Storygraph aka the answer to your Goodreads nightmares which I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t heard about Storygraph (or want to know more) and are looking for a Goodreads alternative!
  • Fadwa @ Word Wonders’ Notion set-up (watch the video too!!) Fadwa is pretty much the entire reason that I decided to give Notion a try because they posted about it on Twitter and it looked so amazing I couldn’t resist and then their walkthroughs have been so helpful in continuing my set-up!
  • May @ Forever and Everly also had a wonderful post about Notion with a brief tutorial and some tips/tricks that I personally found super helpful especially for setting up some of my blog specific pages!
  • Lyra @ Defiantly Yours reviewed In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren which left me more excited than ever to read this fun holiday romance meets groundhog day time loop situation (now I just have to wait on my library hold πŸ˜…)

πŸ’«What did you read/watch/love in October? What are you looking forward to in November?

4 thoughts on “October Wrap Up + November TBR

  1. Congrats on your first NetGalley ARC approval, I remember how exciting that was! (Just don’t get carried away like I did and bury yourself under a mountain of ARCs lol)

    I am SO EXCITED for These Violent Delights and can’t wait for my preordered copy to be in my hands! And thanks so much for linking to my StoryGraph post!!!


  2. The Next Step πŸ‘€ is it the show on CBBC cause I used to watch that all the time back in like 2014/15. Also you reminded me that I still need to watch all the fast and furious films πŸ˜… I watch up to I think 4? I don’t even remember now anyway, Descendants the Disney movies? Love them but I can’t bring myself to watch the last one or the second one properly cause I’ll end up feeling sad πŸ’” hope you have a wonderful November πŸ₯°


    1. YES, I watch it on Hulu cause I’m in the US but that sounds right lol and the fast and the furious films get wild after like movie 6 but I still recommend if you want a pure action movie. And yeah the Disney movies! And the third one isn’t as good as the other two especially because it’s so bittersweet with Cameron but the second one I really enjoy! I hope you had a good month! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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