September Wrap-Up + Looking To October // What I Read, Watched, and More!

Hi friends!!

It’s been a whole month since I launched this blog! As I’ve already said moving my book blog from Tumblr to its own website has been on my mind for awhile, but I just never had the time and energy to follow through and look here we finally are!!

Honestly it’s kind of nice to have something a little bit time-consuming because with Covid and unemployment and temporarily moving back home I’ve had a lot of time on my hands which is not good for my mental health so this has been a nice change of pace (ask me again in a few months if I still feel this way 💀). It’s also been great to feel creative again not only in the content I’m working on but also in the actual aesthetics and design of my blog!!

So here is my very first monthly wrap up!

A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow // I would highly recommend this book to pretty much everyone because it’s such a nice blend of contemporary and fantasy and Morrow did a fantastic job at balancing the serious conversations of the book with the sisterhood and the love at the heart of the story so all of the emotional gut punches landed but immediately followed by a hug.

American Royals by Katherine McGee // This was fun and chaotic and kind of like a trainwreck I couldn’t look away from and I know for a fact I’m not the only one to enjoy that kind of reading so if you like a messy, but ultimately fun story about politics in a US monarchy, romance, and family than check this out!

Rebel by Marie Lu // So it’s taken me a year, but I finally reread the Legend series just so I could read Rebel. If you somehow haven’t read the series already, I would definitely recommend and I loved getting to revisit the characters ten years later!

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas // AHHHHH this is definitely on my Top Reads of 2020 list and probably on my Overall Top Reads and definitely on my highly recommend to pretty much everyone list. I won’t give too much away because I have a full review coming shortly, but I found this to be the rare occurrence where a hyped book lived up to my expectations and in fact exceeded them!

The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert // This was such a fast, fun read!! I know some might be hesitant to read a *political* book right now, but this was so worth it! Colbert knew just how to hit you in the feels with super intense and emotional moments, but the overall feeling of reading this book was just fun adventure and I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a little hope and inspiration.

I’m also currently rereading Crazy for Loving You by Pippa Grant (I know I just read it in April but it was on sale and I’m weakkkkk) and rereading This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen via audiobook because I’m trying to listen to more audiobooks and thought I’d start with a reread to get used to the format.

Obviously, September was a big month in terms of 2020 releases particularly in YA and my TBR got longer every day a new book caught my eye, but here are my top 5 Sept. releases!

Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson // Korey Fields is dead. And all signs point to Enchanted Jones, an aspiring singer working with Korey, who woke with blood on her hands and no memory of the night before. // I have been excited for this title for quite a while (long before I read Let Me Hear a Rhyme a few months ago) because first of all look at that cover, what an icon 😍 but also the story description gets me so pumped and already a little tense because I know that Jackson won’t pull any punches.

Blood & Honey by Shelby Mahurin // Lou, Reid, Coco, and Ansel need allies. Strong ones. But protection comes at a price, and the group is forced to embark on separate quests to build their forces. // I honestly didn’t think I would love Serpent & Dove as much as I did, but here we are with me debating on the daily when I’ll give in and order my copy of the sequel (a post to come on my bookbuying habits/guilt 👀🥴).

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn // After her mother’s death, Bree Matthews wants nothing more than to escape to a new school. But when Bree discovers a secret society calling themselves Legendborn and magical powers, she learns that there might be more to her mother’s death than she previously believed. // I’m a sucker for King Arthur retellings (I blame my love of Merlin and Avalon High by Meg Cabot) so when I heard of Legendborn I immediately added it to my TBR.

Shine by Jessica Jung // What would you give for a chance to live your dreams? For seventeen-year-old Korean American Rachel Kim, the answer is almost everything. The rules are simple: Train 24/7. Be perfect. Don’t date. Easy right? Not so much. // I’m not going to lie I was first interested in this book because the cover is just so aesthetically pleasing and then the description effectively hooked me because a K-pop story written by a former K-pop idol?? Amazing 😍

The Roommate by Rosie Danan // Clara (a predictable, overachieving socialite) finds herself sharing a lease with Josh (a charming stranger) who might be a bit too perceptive—not to mention handsome—for comfort. If only she hadn’t looked him up on the Internet. // I have been eagerly awaiting this release and I can’t wait until I can get my hands on a copy because I am just so intrigued by the premise and the character descriptions!

Obviously my TBR is way *way* longer than this (let’s not talk about just how long it is 😅) but these are the books I’m currently planning on reading this upcoming month. I’m definitely a mood reader so there’s a good chance 1-2 of these might change and I’m actually hoping to read a few more books next month, but I’m trying to set realistic/achievable goals so here we go!

This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything I watched (there was a lot of Disney and all of the Twilight movies and the live action Scooby-Doo movies) but the top things I felt like mentioning!

  • Lucifer // This is my first time watching the show, but it came highly recommended and I’m currently in season 3 and liking it so far though I’ve been told to manage my expectations with the season that was just released in August
  • New Girl // This is a rewatch because I always have some show that I like to rewatch in the background of reading or doing work or just for comfort and I’ve been wanting to rewatch New Girl for a few months, but got side-tracked rewatching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
  • Julie & the Phantoms // Okay so I already want to rewatch this show. I thought I would like it in a cute high school musical sort of way, but I ended up loving it and the ending has me hooked and ready for more!
  • Love Guaranteed // This was fun and I loved the main actors, but I felt like their relationship wasn’t fully developed and the ending left me feeling frustrated. If you’re just looking for something cute and a fun rom-com about online dating and attempting to sue a dating website than I would recommend!
  • All Together Now // This movie had me crying almost the whole time. Auli’i Cravalho was amazing (is anyone really surprised??) and she was an easy character to like and want to root for especially since she faces so much tragedy. I highly recommend this movie, but be prepared for emotional punches.
  • Love Island US // Love Island US edition will never top the UK version (especially the iconic season 2 👀), but this season is definitely WAY better than the first season. There’s drama and weird challenges and new people entering constantly to test relationships and it’s so chaotic and I love it. It’s especially fun to watch with friends (my friend and I zoom weekly for hours to catch up, but we’re still behind because it airs 5 nights a week 💀).
  • Enola Holmes // I wasn’t sure if I would watch this, but my mom and I were looking for a movie and decided to give it a shot and I honestly ended up enjoying it! It was a little cringey at times and honestly a little weird to follow, but it was cute and entertaining and just something a little different so if like me you’re just looking for something to watch this might be worth a watch!

I’m still getting used to the whole blog-hopping aspect of book blogging because I never know what to say and I’m such a ball of anxiety, but I still wanted to take a moment to share some of my favorite blog posts I read in September!

Being a new blogger I also read a ton of blogging advice posts this month (and still countless more bookmarked for when I get a spare moment 💀) and at some point I will probably try to do compilation because they were all so helpful!! And if you’ve done an advice post (or have ones you recommend) let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out!

Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What were your most anticipated releases of September? What’s on your October TBR? Have you watched any of the shows/movies I mentioned (especially Love Island which I could talk about foreverrr)? Any advice for a fledgling book blogger??

2 thoughts on “September Wrap-Up + Looking To October // What I Read, Watched, and More!

  1. Ah thank you so much for sharing my post! I remember being kind of intimidated by the blog hopping aspect but it does get less daunting the more you do it ❤ I've never found Love Island interesting to be honest, I find the whole show and concept…boring? Idk it's never interested me but I get the appeal haha, the drama the gossip and such. Advice for fledging bloggers, BLOG HOP, I promise you the community loves your comments, your likes and your engagement. You don't need to leave a comment on every post you hop to, I leave comments when I have something to say and I'd also say making friends in the community really helps hehe. I don't make TBRs because I'm such a mood reader I'm incapable of sticking to a TBR, I hope you have a wonderful October and that you enjoy Wicked Fox! (I read Wicked Fox earlier this year, it's a great read!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh no problem!! And honestly, when I first started Love Island I didn’t really like it, but then I started watching it with my friend/roommate and it made for such a fun bonding experience that now I love it lol And that’s such good advice to hear about blog hopping!! I’ve been telling myself I don’t need to comment on everything especially if I don’t have anything really to say and I can leave it at liking/sharing, but it’s really good to hear it from someone else 💖 And I didn’t use to make TBRs because I’m also a mood reader, but recently I’ve found it helps me prioritize some and ensures books don’t get lost in the shuffle 😅 And I’ve heard nothing but great things about Wicked Fox and with the new sequel I figured it was a good time to read it! Have a great October and I look forward to seeing what you post!!

      Liked by 1 person

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