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*insert lyrics to 'Introducing Me' if you know, you know* but in all seriousness here's a post for you all to learn a little more about my blogging journey and my plans for this new platform!

Things I Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For (But Do) Pt 1 // Why I Hardly Buy Books & How It Affects What/How I Read

I often feel guilty when buying books and I wanted to explore why that is, how I manage it, and how it's affected what/how I read!

Mini Review: When We Were Magic by Sarah Gailey // Murder, Magic, and Maybe (just maybe) Graduating High School

When a boy winds up dead on prom night it's up to Alexis and her friends to use their magic to try and undo their mistakes.

Get Your Vote On // Voting PSA + Mini Reviews of The Voting Booth and Yes No Maybe So

Hi friends! I live in the US and we are officially two weeks out from election day and your girl is STRESSED so I thought I'd do a little voting psa with info/reminders for anyone else located in the US who hasn't voted yet. I wanted to combine this PSA with mini reviews of The … Continue reading Get Your Vote On // Voting PSA + Mini Reviews of The Voting Booth and Yes No Maybe So

YA Book Review // Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Yadriel just wants to prove to his family that he's a real brujo. But when he attempts to summon the ghost of his cousin and instead accidentally summons Julian, the resident bad boy, things get a little more complicated.

YA Book Review // American Royals by Katharine McGee

Four women discover the lengths they will go to for the ones they love, what they believe in, and what they've worked so hard for.

YA Book Review //A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow

Tavia thought her biggest worry was keeping her siren identity a secret. But when weird things begin happening to Effie, they find themselves uncovering life-changing secrets.

September Wrap-Up + Looking To October // What I Read, Watched, and More!

A look at what I read/watched in September, my most anticipated September releases, my October TBR, and more!